Host Canary

Host Canary Web Hosting

Since starting The Coding Guys in 2014 we have always supplied quality web hosting. Initially we included hosting with our new website builds. Packages were created to give clients affordable website hosting that was also fast, reliable and included all the features required to run a modern website.

As time progressed we started providing hosting to customers who were simply looking for quality, affordable hosting. 2018 sees us take a step forward with the hosting & also domain registration side of our business. This is where Host Canary comes into the equation. We have invested in more storage space on SSD LiteSpeed servers. We have also integrated a fully automated billing system that is capable of handling new sign ups for hosting & domains along with renewals.

Host Canary Website hosting

As The Coding Guys client base has grown our workload has of course increased. The idea behind Host Canary is to greatly reduce time spent managing customers accounts while also looking to create some additional income through new customers seeking a quality hosting solution.


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