Site Maintenance & SEO

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Website Maintenance & SEO

Let us take the hassle out of managing your website while increasing your presence in web search

Running a business is time consuming. Your time is best served doing what you do best. At The Coding Guys, we have the pleasure of working for a diverse array of clients specialising in many different sectors. The hassle of trying to perform your own maintenance & SEO and keep content updated can seriously eat into your time. Time that could be much better spent with your customers or clients!

Our Maintenance & SEO packages have been put together to completely manage your website. Plugins and Core files kept fully updated, back-ups taken daily, an agreed amount of content/design updates available per month, constant security monitoring to protect against hackers, viruses and malware and full support only a phone call or email away!

The SEO packages include a dedicated plan to help your website be found in search engines. We don’t make unrealistic promises like ‘Get on the 1st page of Google in 2 days!’ but we do focus on employing a proven set of methods that continue to improve your ranking. See below for more details.

Daily Website Backup – A backup of your website is taken every day to ensure you can focus on your business knowing that your website is completely protected should it need to be restored at any time in the future. Any MySQL databases along with the website content and media library are all included in the backup.

Plugins & Core website files updated – If you have ever updated a CMS like WordPress and any of its plugins you may well have found that your website stops functioning as it did previously or worst of all breaks! Let us take the hassle away from you and keep your website completely up to date with all latest versions of core files and plugins.

Dedicated monthly development included – Need some adjustments made to your content? We will do that for you! A lot of companies will allow you a specific amount of time per month then any time on top of this becomes chargeable. We don’t work like that. Minor content changes, advice on plugins and amendments to layout are all included. If something more in depth is required (new sections, complete layout change, re-brand..) we will let you know in advance of any additional costs.

Constant 24/7/365 security monitoring – We integrate our security system into your website which gives you complete peace of mind that your site is being protected against viruses or malicious hacks, even while you sleep!

LiteSpeed Cache –  With our hosting utilising LiteSpeed technology we can harness the power of LiteSpeed Cache as well which dramatically improves the load speed of your website.

Support/Troubleshooting – We are on hand with support and to answer any questions on aspects you require help with. We can be contacted via email, landline, mobile, Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp…

Money Back Guarantee – If something goes wrong with your website while you have our subscription in place we guarantee to fix it. In fact we are so confident in our service that should we be unable to fix your website we will refund your subscription*[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]